Quality Pastoral Support

Pastoral Support

Pastoral support is a contemporary term for an ancient model of emotional, social and spiritual support that can be found in all cultures and traditions. The term is considered inclusive of distinctly non-religious forms of support, as well as support for people from religious communities.

Overseas Nurse pastoral support is to be provided throughout the recruitment journey and beyond. Whilst organisations may differ in the specific details of the pastoral support, BINA has the standard of applying the principles and evidence based practices to provide the tailored support to each and individual.

Quality Pastoral support to include:

  • Accommodation support
  • Climatisation support
  • Salary advance and Spending Plan
  • Emotional Support-Spiritual, psychological.
  • Socio Cultural
  • Academic & Clinical support

Pastoral Support by BINA:

Pre arrival

Preparatory information material to support the overseas nurse in readiness for their arrival to the UK will help reduce some of the anxiety associated with relocating and working in a new country. Organisations may differ in how to prepare their overseas nurse but the consideration from BINA as follows.

  • BINA Flyer to be sent along with the trust Welcome pack ( BINA Flyer will have the information of the purpose and benefits of joining BINA, brief information on pastoral support from BINA, Contact details of our Leads).
  • Registration to BINA – Access to the “feel like home” information, 1:1 supportive conversation pre arrival, Group chat if required.
  • List of items can be brought from India.

Post Arrival

  • BINA Registration details, Website link with the details of supports available and membership forum, access to our WhatsApp group chat, webinars, educational support, career pathway advice.
  • Academic and Clinical practice (OSCE) support sessions- use of the peer support method by including recently passed Staffs as well as use of the practice education experts.
  • Help with finding good place to live, finding Accommodation, finding good schools for their children if required etc.
  • Help with finding places to eat, shopping for Indian groceries etc.
  • Link up with local faith group, culture based associations.
  • Contact details for regional BINA team and then signpost to hospital BINA link (local-community groups/transport guidance/shopping etc.)
  • BINA Regional Exec Leads linking with Hospitals to welcome the Nurses and attend induction, support sessions.
  • Space for chat-Light hearted, informal sessions
  • 1:1 offer based on individual needs
  • BINA support for the NHS Trusts

    • Advice on Hamper Baskets-south/north Indian origin related items.
    • Buddy system-at Trust level as well as link up with BINA members
    • Sharing the information of what support BINA provides.
    • Sharing the Success stories
    • Help with feedback and tailored support.

    Post NMC registration support

    • Career pathway guidance, Improving Interview skills-Sharing experts knowledge from various area (operational/Management, Leadership, Academic, Clinical, Practice development etc.)
    • Revalidation support – CPD hours for attending Webinars, support on how to meet the revalidation requirements, good practice on Creating professional portfolio.
    • Shadowing / Buddying opportunity with other BINA members.
    • Coaching and mentoring support.
    • Access to all the BINA celebration activities, support sessions and membership forum

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