Pastoral Support


This pastoral support practice guide has been developed for BINA members to support the newly arriving Indian Nurses to UK. This guide will explain how BINA will be working collaboratively many stakeholders of NHSE/I, HEE, NHS employing organisations, Local faith groups, and culture based associations and overseas nurses.

This guidance is to be used in conjunction with the NHS Employers’ overseas recruitment toolkit. It reflects best practice principles in line with ethical recruitment current guidance and principles outlined by the bodies, such as the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and Health Education England Global. The approach has been developed through BINA members’ engagement, Feedback received from NHS organisations, and referencing various good practice guidelines.


UK is one of the most interesting and vibrant countries in the world. There are huge ranges of opportunities available for people who come from abroad to work and live. The hospitals and healthcare settings located across the country are diverse in size and nature, providing an opportunity for overseas nurses to choose between living and working. UK faced with the challenge of having high number of vacancies within the health care settings, especially in Nursing. Health Education England and NHSE/I are working collaboratively on attracting more nurses from overseas especially from India and Philippines.

Therefore, we in BINA strongly felt the need to provide a valuable and effective platform for the Indian nurses, enabling them to find a right place at the top table of establishment.

Nurses who are coming overseas are having to battle with so many challenges that includes moving to a new country to live and work – even more acute at this Covid period. While focusing on preparing for the OSCE they also faced with emotional stress fear of failure, cultural adaptation, leaving the loved ones back home in India, etc.

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