Challenges in Pastoral Support

Challenges in particular

  • Taking the time to manage the money, taking control of the living costs, including knowing what is coming in, what’s going out and when.
  • Finding an accommodation, safe place to live and to bring their immediate family, save costs on rent whilst looking for somewhere permanent, finding good schools for their children.
  • Maintaining a healthy diet as a student / nurse on a low budget, adapting to the new diet or difficulties finding Indian Foods within the budget.
  • Understand the diversity and the needs, meeting the cultural and religious needs.
  • Keeping in contact with families and friends, purchasing mobile phones, Internet facilities, local transport links etc.
  • Emotional intelligence to deal with the immediate conflicts and maintaining relationship.
  • Understanding the care environment, change in nursing practice, skills development, career pathways, etc.
  • Communication and language barriers, understanding the local accent, slangs, etc.
  • Prioritising and Managing Time, Embarking on a new life including studying and taking on a new role requires planning and preparation.
  • Looking after the health and wellbeing, by registering with GP, accessing the services available, emotional support and mental health while there is no immediate family support available.

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