Ida Charles

Ida Charles

Ida charles qualified in India worked in Tamil nadu and Bangalore Manipal hospital for 3 years. Moved to UK in 2002. Started working as registered nurse since 2003. She has been working in St Georges university hospital NHS foundation trust, tooting, London, since 2004 till date. At present she is working in cardio- thoracic intensive care Unit as a band 7 sister/team leader. Academic achievement: She has completed diploma in critical care inSt Georges university hospital. Completed Msc in cardio respiratory nursing in Imperial college, London. also completed a professional Nurse advocate course for intensive care units at level 7.

Recently she has done a project and submitted abstract for publication which was selected in 40th international intensive and emergency care medicine conference in Brussels. Ida has compassion to help and support others. Recently there was a huge numbers of nurses have joined our NHS from India. This nurses needs moral support and encouragement. She believes that ' with our support and encouragement we can bring so many Indian nurse leader and lecturers with-in in our NHS, which will make us all proud Indian nurses'.

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