Mrs. Kalavathi Thirunavukkarasu

Kala Thirunavukarasu

I am a NMC registered nurse (Adult) with a broad range of healthcare experiences in India as well as in England, currently working in DHU (out of hours) as an advanced nurse practitioner. Most of my clinical experiences are direct patient care (medical, surgical, orthopaedics), managing caseloads, practice facilitating, mentoring, scrubbing, and recovering. Alongside this, I have the extensive experiences in CTU, ICU, ICCU, NICU and Teaching from India. Being an autonomous practitioner, I always work with the multi-professional team. I have an experience with telephone triage, ED validation, nurse-led clinics, and acute illness clinics in urgent care, walk-in centres, GP services and home visiting service.

I always use my knowledge and a high level of clinical skills in order to assess the patients and manage them safely in any healthcare settings. I always provide excellent leadership and support to the family, carers, and multidisciplinary team in order to achieve the common goal of safe patient-centred care. I have gained in-depth knowledge of long-term conditions, minor illness, infection control /clinical risks, manage the issues appropriately. I am a role model to the junior members of staffs and support them for their development with the help of the senior specialist teams. Clinical governance in my role, I do need to do audits to improve the quality of care and evaluate the feedbacks to produce changes in the workplace. In 2019, our team in DCHS received “Innovation award” for developing the new way of looking after elderly people when they are acutely unwell in the community.

I strictly follow the strategic planning of effective communication among the MDT this enables me to develop my interpersonal skills and establish an excellent network locally and nationally. My role also requires overcoming the communication barriers by using my interpersonal skills like negotiation, persuasion, motivation, and facilitation of evidence-based practice regularly. My previous experiences and current experiences help me to understand the risk management of safeguarding adult and children in my current role. I am a flexible, hardworking, and forward-thinking person who is always motivated to learn and remain passionate for making difference in the quality of care.

I have gained specialist skills and theoretical knowledge by undertaking modules at the master’s level at Derby University. I am studying the final module of Consolidating in Advanced Practice at Derby University. I had done a Masters in Inter-Professional Practice Education (IPPE) at Derby University. This module helped me to learn the teaching tools that enhanced my teaching knowledge and assessing skills and provided me with the Level 4 registration (Teacher) at NMC and a fellowship of HEA. I am working towards achieving another master’s degree and willing to do lifelong learning to achieve the competency for ACP role.

In 2015, my husband and I received “Bravery award” from the High Sheriff for catching a thief. I am a voluntary RJ for British Indian Tamil Radio and an orator mainly participating in Tamil language debates. I enjoy involving in community voluntary events in order to support and strengthen the local community where I live. My community team and I did a charity run and raised £1000 for Alzheimer’s society in August 2020. I am always passionate to make difference not only in my career but also in other’s career and this will be fulfilled by joining with the British Indian Nurses Association. I am looking forward to working with the great platform of BINA to help everyone’s dreams come true.

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