Mr Suresh Packiam

Suresh Packiam

General Manager (MPFT-NHS)

General Secretary (BINA)

Cultural Ambassador

Suresh is currently working as a General Manager at Midlands Partnership Foundation Trust, responsible and accountable for the Community Nursing portfolio. Nurse by background with 22 years of experience in Clinical, Management and leadership. Suresh was a dual qualified in India but continued as a mental health nurse in UK, managed various services of Acute and Older adult within the urgent care mental health Division, experienced in Forensic mental health, and also in private sector working in Nursing home.

Led many service development plans & projects, delivered quality outcomes to improve the patient care. Provide strategic direction and operational support to the large portfolio by managing the Operations / Clinical Leads, Operational managers, Community Matrons and senior sisters. Working collaboratively within the STP footprint PCN directors, CCG, Adult and social care managers, County council, and voluntary organisations in order to improve the health care provision to the local population and address the issues of health inequalities.

Suresh is from a small town called Periyakulam in Tamilnadu, India. Studied all the subjects in Tamil apart from English as an additional subject, Understand the struggle of learning and using the foreign language effectively to express & demonstrate the skills and knowledge you may have. But never seen that as a barrier to thrive in the UK, this was only possible by holding the head up high and face up to the challenge, having positive influence by having self-belief and self-respect, by having good understanding of system knowledge, system thinking and leadership. Completing the senior leadership Programme -Rosalind Franklin through NHS leadership academy has provided him the necessary tools to be a good leader.

Suresh is Passionate about value based leadership, and Inclusion activities. Aspiring to achieve not just at his personal level but also to serve the humanity by influencing the system. He was awarded the Nurse Badge for practicing 6C Values, also been nominated for the raising star, lead with integrity at DWMH which was recognised by the NHS leadership academy. Suresh is trained Cultural Ambassador (CA) and worked on reducing the risk of discrimination faced by the BAME staffs during the disciplinary process. He has supported the HR policy changes to make sure that there is a representation of CA in each cases of BAME staffs involved, BAME staff to be part of the Interview panel of any appointment of band 7 and above, etc.

Suresh had a vision of bringing the Indian Nurses together to have a strong voice in the UK, and able to work with like-minded people to form the BINA. He is enthusiastic about the future of our Indian Nurses, aimed to inspire and support many Nurses to thrive in the UK health care system. He is also chair of the Inclusion Working group in his NHS Trust. Working in partnership NHSI/E, HEE to provide the pastoral support to the newly arriving Nurses from India, willing to give time and energy to serve the community.

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